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Skincare is selfcare for the soul.


Put your best face on with our customizable facials. Whether it is anti-aging you’re after or want your blemishes banished, our array of nourishing facials will rejuvenate your skin.

Gua Sha Signature Facial

Change your skin from the inside out with the ancient Chinese beauty healing technique, Gua Sha. Incorporating intricate massage techniques using a Bian Stone containing 40+ minerals with healing properties, Gua Sha is designed to sculpt and invigorate the skin.  This highly tailored service targets and relieves tension points while draining lymph nodes beneath the skin to decrease inflammation. Great for reducing puffiness, improving skin clarity, and lifting fatigued features, among many other benefits.  This treatment is recommended  between monthly facials to accelerate results.

60 MINUTES: $150

Oxygen/Vitamin Enriched Facial

This is an amazing preventive and restorative anti-aging treatment. This facial blends anti-aging elements to combat the visual signs of aging. A variety of skin concerns such as premature aging, sun damage and loss of tone, and radiance are addressed. Skin becomes firmer, healthier and gains a satin completion.

60 MINUTES: $125

Deep Pore Clearing Facial

A deep cleansing and ultra-sonic treatment which purifies and cleans while eliminating dead skin cells. Gentle extractions liberate blocked pores and a soothing mask comforts and softens the skin. This treatment will leave your skin feeling soothed, hydrated and refreshed.

60 MINUTES: $105

Hydrating Facial

A decadent facial that promotes hydration and suppleness, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This facial is excellent for extreme dryness. Includes a botanical soft peel and ultra-sonic treatment to eliminate dead skin cells.

60 MINUTES: $105

Daddy Time Facial

Converting rough to refined, our Daddy Time Facial has been designed to help prevent and relieve irritation and abrasions caused by shaving. Soothes, clarifies and rejuvenates the skin.

60 MINUTES: $95

My Time Facial

Take a little time for yourself to rest and relax. Begin with a light and soothing face, neck and shoulder massage, followed by luxurious facial.

60 MINUTES: $85

Back Facial

Relax and indulge this neglected, hard-to-reach area. Begin with deep cleansing and exfoliation to decongest the skin. Followed by gentle extractions and the application of a personalized mask with essential oils to help draw out impurities and heal blemishes. Specialized moisturizers nourish the skin, completing this luxurious experience.

45 MINUTES: $75

Teen & Tween Facial

A great introduction to skin care. This gentle treatment will encourage life-long skin care habits. Includes instructions on how to care for skin at home, light extractions and middle eye brow cleanup.

30 MINUTES: $60

Quick Fix Mini-Facial

No time for a full facial but in need of a quick treatment? This is it! Includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation and mask. No extractions.

30 MINUTES: $60